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This Web site has been designed for use by State of Ohio Labor Relations Administrators and Labor Relations Officers. The arbitration awards and arbitration award summaries provided on this Web site by the Office of Collective Bargaining (OCB) are provided for the sole purpose of information sharing. The arbitration awards are not intended to infer approval or disapproval by OCB, but are merely arbitration awards issued with the State as a party.

Individuals using the arbitration awards in subsequent arbitrations are cautioned to consider whether a particular award has been superceded or outdated by subsequent awards, legislative/statutory changes or contractual language changes. Arbitration awards are merely persuasive authority. Arbitrators are not bound by previous awards. However, as a practical matter arbitrators look to earlier awards for guidance. Please consult with your OCB Labor Relations Specialist for further details.

Although significant efforts have been made by OCB to assure the faithful reproduction of the primary sources, OCB does not warrant absolute accuracy. Users are responsible for determining that the information provided by OCB is sufficiently accurate. If any errors are detected, please contact OCB via telephone at 614-466-0570.